Thursday, December 18, 2014

Computer Repair Questions Answered

Has your computer been acting strange lately? Whether it is running slow or having trouble loading email it is quite possible you have something deeper going on inside of your computer. When your computer stops working properly it is time to get it in for professional computer repair. The longer you wait, the worse the problem may get or the deeper a virus can become embedded. When selecting a computer repair company it is significant to find out what types of repairs they offer and whether they charge an hourly rate or flat service fee for computer services.
When it comes to computer repair the sooner you get help after having a problem the better. If your computer has become infected with a virus it is possible that it can further damage the internal components if not dealt with immediately. Don't panic when something goes wrong with your computer. The worst thing you can do when a problem arises is to run tasks, update programs or delete files. What you need to do is instantly shut the computer system down and bring it in for immediate repair.
Below we will answer computer repair questions relating strictly to computer viruses.
What should a computer user do if they suspect that a virus has infected their computer?
As mentioned earlier it is important to shut the computer down and take it in for a professional computer virus removal. After the virus has been removed completely from the system you must install up to date antivirus software. With antivirus protection the computer system is less likely to become infected again. Antivirus protection doesn't eliminate the possibility of viruses but helps to cut down on the likelihood your computer will become infected. Free antivirus protection is often as equally protective as the paid versions as long as it is frequently updated. Updates on antivirus protection are important to prevent new virus strands from infecting your computer.
What should computer users do to avoid getting a virus?
Not only should computer users install antivirus protection they should be careful about what they open and download. Use a trusted internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers are well known, popular and trusted in the internet community. When opening emails and downloading attachments be sure you know what you are downloading. Even if you know the sender the attachment could be infected. Hackers are known to get into the email systems and send out infected emails. You are more likely to open something when the email address is from someone you know. Also be careful when downloading tool bars and other tools meant to help your user experience.
What should a computer user do if their computer is getting slow?
Just like your car needs a regular tune up so does your computer. Computers are likely to become bogged down with programs that have been downloaded and installed that are actually not necessary to your user experience. A computer tune up will erase programs that are not in use. If the system is to overloaded and deleting files is not helping speed up the computer it may be necessary that your computer repair specialist do a complete operating system reload. With this the computer will be returned to exactly how it came straight out of the box. You will need to reload any software you use back on to the computer as well as the information on the back up that is needed by the user.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Getting To Know Your Computer

Many computer users are complete novices.  Not everyone who has to use technology today really understands the components they are using.  Many can’t even begin to tell you the technical name for the screen that looks similar to a television that shows them an image of what they are typing.  Let alone the real name for the keys that resemble a type writer that they press that tells the big box what to make appear on the screen. 

computer hardware components are designed with the sole purpose for inputting and outputting data.  The following components are the basics that allow you computer to run in the manner that you have come to except and to accept as reasonable.  A better understanding of computer components will help you understand computer repairs later on.


The monitor is the area in which the images from your computer are displayed.  The monitor resembles a television screen.  All of the pictures and videos that come from the computer are viewed on the monitor.  Newer monitors are made of flat screens or LCD screen that help to create crisp images and protect the users vision from the harmful radiation that older computer monitors that used CRT, glass tubes.


A keyboard is the piece of equipment that is used to input information into the computer.  It is connected to the computer using the USB port.  Keyboards can be used wirelessly or wired.  The keyboard is fitted with keys that represent the alphabet as well as numerical keys and random keys that are essential to send messages to the computer. Keys pressed in combination with one another send a unique message to the computer.


The mouse is an external component of the computer that allows for navigation on the computer monitor.  The mouse is able to be moved not only from left to right and up and down but anywhere within the space on the monitor.  The mouse enables the user to point to an area and click to gain immediate access. 

Central Processing Unit   

 The brain of the computer is known as the CPU.  The central processing unit is a piece of hardware that performs all of the operations and calculations.  The speed in which you wish the computer to work is dependent on the size of the CPU.  A central processing unit that is powerful can adjust to a higher number of tasks at one time than that of a smaller CPU.


An internal component of the computer is called its memory.  The memory will connect to the computer via the mother board.  The computer’s memory can be adjusted depending on the size of the mother board and the desires of the owner.  There are usually two extra spaces for memory on the motherboard to increase the computers performance. 

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the internal storage device for the computer.  The hard drive is where everything is stored.  It saves the information so that you can access it at a later time.  If you find your hard drive space is limited you may want to free space by using an external hard drive for additional storage.  The hard drive is the file cabinet for your documents, pictures, movies, games and more.  

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tips For Choosing an I.T. Firm To Handle Your Computer Repair Needs

The world today relies on technology.  Without our computers working properly everyday life and business slows down to almost a halt.  This is why it is so important that you are familiar with a local computer repair shop that works to provide services not only to personal computers but also large corporate I.T. networks.  It is important that you find a company that can meet all of your needs no matter the size of your company or personally as a residential client.  It is crucial that the computer repair, I.T. specialists you choose are familiar with all of the following repairs that your network or personal computers may need.

Crucial Computer Repair Services
  • The most common issue with computers today is viruses and malware. No matter how careful you are no matter what anti-virus protection you have installed your computers and networks are all exposed to hackers that wish to infect not only your computer but also your network.  It is important that you find a company that offers complete computer virus removal services.  Many local companies can remote into your computer and offer this service if you are in a pinch but be sure that you bring your computer in to their service center for a thorough cleaning and tune up. 
  • Hardware repairs are the next service that needs to be offered by the I.T. Company you hire. All repairs including hardware, physical damage and accessory replacements should be provided.  It is possible that your computer may only have some physical damage to face your computer; it is important that they can address this need as well.  
  • It is not all about the main computer unit when it comes to I.T. networking. Computer technicians working on your system also need to know how to work with computer accessories including scanners, printers and other essential parts that need to work with your system. 
  • Find a company that offers data recovery and back up as well. It is so important that all of your data be backed up.  Often times we see that this is not the case where in lies the need for data recovery.  If you have lost data that is irreplaceable you will want to have a professional who is aware of the time sensitivity of your issue and that will begin recovering what they can of your data as soon as possible. 
  • Your I.T. professionals should be able to assess all situations including troubleshooting and network errors. These issues are more complex than most computer repair issues and will need an expert to address them. 
  • Maintenance is important when making sure your computer systems and networks are running in top condition. Find a professional that values computer maintenance more than computer repair.  This will help to save you thousands of I.T. repair dollars in the long run.  Maintaining your computer is as important as maintenance on your car or your health.  Maintenance keeps issues from occurring which is important to avoid any disruptions in service. 
Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Common Computer Repair Services

When it comes to computers and technology in general there are a number of problems that can occur.  Computer repair issues can be handled in a number of different ways including on site, remote log in or in shop.  Companies working with both residential and corporate I.T. professionals often can diagnosis an issue within your computer or network by simply logging into your computer remotely. This helps to save both time and money.  Although the issue with your server, personal computer or network could be a myriad of things there are three issues we see that cause computer failure more often than any others.

Three Common Computer Repair Issues
  • Virus/Malware Removal: This is the most common issue seen with computers.  What occurs when a virus has infected your computer is that a piece of harmful software has been downloaded on to your computer.  When this occurs the virus spreads throughout your computer deeply embedding itself.  Viruses, spyware, trojan horses, rootkits, adware and other harmful software can affect the way your computer runs as well as allow access to personal information stored or accessed on the system.  It is crucial the minute you suspect you have been infected that you turn your computer off and have a computer repair expert run scans on your computer to remove the infection.  
  • Computer Running Slow: A computer will begin to run slowly when you have used up the allotted storage space. You may not even realize it is happening but each new program you download or document you save takes up valuable space on your hard drive.  When this occurs it is easy to overload your system creating a slow running computer.  To repair this issue a computer technician will run a tune up on your machine.  During this process scans will run that pin point downloads and software that is not used by the system.  From there this information can be deleted from the hard drive, freeing up space and allowing the computer to run more efficiently. 
  • Connecting to the Network/Internet: This could be one of the most frustrating issues computer users face on a daily basis.  Without access to the internet most business activity comes to a halt.  I.T. professionals go onsite to diagnosis an issue with your network or internet after they have tried troubleshooting obvious issues such as the rebooting the computer or resetting the router.  Many times nothing has changed from the previous day yet the connection is not available.  Often computer network and internet connection issues are as simple as resetting a router or installing new network cables.  Other times the issue is deeper rooted and requires the I.T. professionals to contact your internet service provider for assist in diagnostics. 
Other common issues seen with computer repair services include hard drive failure, dead power supplies and improperly installed drivers.  Contact your local computer repair store if you find you are having issues with your computer. 

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Google is building the world's fastest computer

The internet search company announced a new partnership with researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara to develop "quantum computing" technology.
The science behind quantum computing is highly technical and still very theoretical. In simple terms, quantum computers make use of quantum bits, or qubits, to process information, as opposed to the binary system of ones and zeros used by traditional computer processors.
Scientists say qubits can behave like ones or zeros, or both. In theory, this should make quantum computers exponentially faster than digital computers that use a binary system to process information.
China is currently home to the world's fastest computer, the Tianhe-2 supercomputer, which is capable of nearly 55 quadrillion of calculations per second. A quantum computer could make that look like a snail.
Google (GOOGL, Tech30) and UCSB say they will form a "quantum artificial intelligence team," which will continue to lay the groundwork for quantum computing.
The search giant has already been working with scientists at D-Wave Systems on a quantum computer system. D-Wave is developing what some call the first commercially viable quantum computer, the "Vesuvius." It is also working with NASA on a 1,000 qubit "Washington" processor.
Google has been branching out into emerging technologies, from self-driving cars and wearable devices to drones and satellites, as it looks for growth opportunities beyond its market-leading search business.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tips To Finding A Corporate I.T. Provider

When looking for a company to provide I.T. services to your company look for a firm that offers all inclusive services.  There are a variety of services that you should be looking for when it comes to a professional I.T. company to design, install and maintain your network.  Not only are you looking for information technology professionals to work within your commercial infrastructure but you need to find a company that works on residential computer repair as well.
A company that is able to cover your needs from networking to personal computer repair is the most desirable. One professional team of experts to maintain your entire system will be cost effective and offer the most efficient use of technology resources available to your company.  Listed below are just a few of the essential requirements you should be looking for when hiring an I.T. firm for your company.
First you will want to find a company that offers complete computer consulting services.  A complete system and security audit should be done upon becoming a client.  Consultants should be able to not only give advice but to install and operate third party software of all kinds, offer suggestions for office upgrades keeping in mind a budget friendly purchasing strategy, and examine internal and external email systems used for communication between offices as well as with clients.
It is crucial that this company not only works with your servers and network issue but also works to maintain personal computers that are used for work purposes as well.  This means that your information technology specialists should not only be able to design and build a server and create a functional network but should also be able to eliminate a virus from your system.  Finding a company that has several trained team members in a variety of specialties is key when working with I.T. professionals. Minor computer repair and security is as crucial to businesses as is any other aspect of the companies I.T. network.
When it comes to the world of I.T. and growing your business finding a firm that also offers services in app programming and website design can be critical.  Companies that service your technology know you inside and out therefor can help to create apps to allow for your employees to work smarter not harder. I.T. companies that employee web developers and programmers can help your business to prosper online as well.  Ticket systems designed in step with your company can allow your firm to remain competitive and task oriented without ever falling behind.
It is critical in today’s high technology driven society that you find a company that can offer you top quality, all-inclusive I.T. solutions.
Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Computer Virus Removal Done Right The First Time

When you own and operate a computer that is connected to the internet you are almost guaranteed at some point to download a virus.  Computer malware and viruses can be incredibly harmful when they infect your PC.  Not only do they slow your computer down but they also pose a risk to your computers secure data and personal information that is stored on the hard drive.  Computer viruses and malware can often be incredibly tricky to completely remove especially if the virus is one of the more aggressive, nasty ones.  New viruses are introduced into the viral world every day; ransomware being the latest in computer viruses to hit the internet. 

Ransomware is an incredibly nasty virus taking the online community by storm.  This virus spreads quickly and is incredibly difficult to remove and the malware often locks you out of using your computer until you pay the ransom. Even professional computer virus removal companies are having to learn new ways to exterminate ransomware from personal computers.  Often times the ransom is as expensive as purchasing a new computer.  The moral being that it is important to know exactly what you are downloading and to be sure of the source you are downloading it from.

There are a few different ways in which computer viruses that have infected your personal computer can be removed.  PC repair specialists have tools to remove viruses, to ensure all the computer viruses are gone and to install anti-virus protection to avoid future virus infections.  The two main methods of removing viruses are running scans and manual removal of computer viruses.  Some companies offer online tools for removing viruses.  Before giving personal information to any company selling online virus tools it is important to do your homework.

To be safe when it comes to computer virus removal it is best to take your computer in to a certified technician that has knowledge of the different viruses that are infection computers.  They also have all the tools right at their fingertips to properly remove any and all computer infections.  Most computer repair stores can remove the viruses infecting your computer in a manner of a few days.  To do a complete job they will run a number of scans until the computer comes back clean a number of times.  They will also look into the files in your computer to find and files that look suspicious.  Once this is complete they will often complete the virus removal with a proper computer tune up and installation of anti-virus protection.

You can keep your computer clean and virus free using discretion when downloading software and online programs. If something looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true don’t click on the link.  The minute the link is clicked you have given the virus free rein to your personal information and computers hard drive. 

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Computer Virus And Adware Infestation Removal Techniques

When your computer is infected by a virus or other malware there can be huge security risk to the data stored within your computer including a lot of personal information.  It can also have extreme effects on the performance of your computer and hardware as well as the fact that is can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.  Computer viruses are difficult to get rid of and virus removal on computers is incredibly tricky and should be left up to computer repair specialist.  If you have a nasty computer virus infecting your computer here are some proven ways to save your computer. 

The first step in any and all virus removal techniques is to backup all of the data on your computer.  This should happen before the virus removal process starts.  This will help to make sure that the data is backed up and that anything of value will not be lost if in fact the computer needs to be reformatted.  This will allow you and your business to get up and running without a lot of time invested. 

If you are trying to remove the virus on your own without computer help or a virus removal technician the next step is to check for outside factors that could be slowing down your computer and giving it the same effect that would occur if it is in fact infected with a computer virus.   Some issue that could affect your computer if indeed is not a computer virus would be issues with memory, storage, adware and of course any number of issues.  Hardware and failing hard drives could also slow down a computer and corrupt the files on the computer giving the same effect as a computer virus would. 

Having anti-virus protection installed is super important when it comes to protecting your computer and eliminating computer viruses.  When one does slip through however there are a number of things to do to remove the threat from your computer. There are a number of free and paid versions of anti-virus computer protection that can be installed on your computer to keep it out of harm’s way.  Consider options such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky and BitDefender.

You will also download a number of anti-malware programs that will allow you to scan your computer to eliminate any potential threats  These programs pick up things that anti-virus protection do not always catch.  Consider Malwarebytes Anti Malware as well as Adwcleaner and Spybot S&D.  Having and installing a variety of anti-malware programs will allow you to eliminate hazardous programs, tool bars, down loads and so much more before you install them on to your hard drive.

If the virus is affecting your ability to download these programs then you will need to use a USB card to install them.  The problem is that most serious infections have already overtaken your computer and need professional computer virus removal.  Once you have done this and the virus is removed then having these programs and using them regularly will keep your computer free of viruses.   

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Regular Maintenance To Help Your Computer Run More Efficiently

When it comes to maintenance on our vehicles we already know that regular care and oil changes help keep the car running more efficiently. If you follow the scheduled provided the thought is that the car will run longer therefore saving you money on repairs or the cost of a new vehicle. It is so important in fact that each car comes with its own manual and specific mile counts on when to perform certain tasks.
This however, is not the case when it comes to your computer. This is a huge problem for those who are not tech savvy. We provide manuals and schedules for maintenance for non-auto savvy users but not on for a piece of equipment that people of all ages are using every day. This leads to the issue that often arises in computer repair service. How do you fix a piece of technology when it is on its last leg when a mere understanding of computer maintenance would have made a world of difference?
It is so important that computer users realize that instead of waiting for a crisis or problem to occur with their computer they should seek to do regular maintenance and keep up on the well-being of their computer systems. Whether you hire a computer specialist like you hire a mechanic or do it yourself here are so vital tips to keep your computer system up and running in top condition.
First things first make sure your computer is updated with the proper computer protection. You can choose to purchase anti-virus protection for your computer or consider the free online versions. Both can be scheduled to perform regular updates that work to prevent updated viruses from infecting your computer. Anti-virus protection helps to detect, remove and prevent spyware on your computer. A firewall can also be installed to prevent people and malicious programs from making changes to your computer system. The regular scans that are performed by these programs also help to find an eliminate infections.
Regular file clean-up is also necessary to help keep your computer performing well. This will eliminate build-up of files from websites and downloads which slow down computer use and internet browsing while increasing the overall speed of the scans that your computer is set to run regularly to update software and virus protection.
Disable startup programs that no longer are needed upon startup. Your computer will start to bog down when unnecessary programs are installed and continue to run upon start up. Programs get installed through mischievous practices that often go unnoticed by computer users. How many times have you been asked to download something that will supposedly make the computer run faster? I know I often get fooled. Many times when I am running scans I see a ton of programs in my computer history that have not been used for months. Many of these are secretly downloaded coupon menus and other crazy installations that I was not aware I had downloaded.
These easy steps and maintenance on your computer can easily save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Protecting Your Computer From Dreaded Computer Viruses

When it comes to your Windows 7 computer it is important to protect yourself from viruses and other threats that can harm your computer and its operating system.  This isn’t difficult if two requirements are met; you are diligent and you have some idea what to look for. Below is a list, all though not all inclusive, substantial in creating an environment free of computer viruses
  • First things first, when you purchase a new computer it is important that you should have antivirus software installed correctly.  Keeping the antivirus software up to date will allow your computer to keep defending off viruses that will try to penetrate your email, operating system and computer files. New viruses will continue to appear every day.  Set your computer up so that it is keeping your antivirus updating automatically everyday to prevent even the newest of viruses from getting into your system.
  • One of the most common ways that people end up with an infected computer is through email attachments.  Viruses are easily attached to email messages.  As soon as the email is opened the virus will start to spread throughout your computer.  When it comes to email attachments the rule of thumb is to use caution and only open attachments that you are expecting.  Emails can come from friends with attachments that you weren’t expecting.  Before opening the attachment, contact the sender to see if they actually sent something that you need to see.
  • Not only is important that you keep your antivirus protection up to date it is also significant that your Microsoft operating system is updated regularly as well.  Microsoft will update your Windows OS regularly with updated security releases. It is imperative that you allow Windows security by turning on the automatic updating option and that it runs regularly.
  • You can also add on a Windows firewall that will keep you alerted to any activity that is suspicious. If a virus, worm or hacker attempts to infiltrate your system it will help block it.  If a virus, worm or hacker does get in a firewall should help protect the operating system from having harmful programs from being downloaded.
  • Turn on your browsers privacy settings.  This will prevent websites from using your private browsing information and prevent fraud and theft of identify. 
  • Personal computer owners should also use a pop-up blocker along with their browser protection.  Turning off pop-up windows will help to create safer browsing as although pop-ups are usually advertisements some of them can be wicked and filled with code that is not safe.  Pop-up blockers eliminate the windows from appearing all together.
These steps will all help to eliminate the possibility of a computer infection.  Even if you apply each of these tips there is still a chance that a virus will slip through and your computer will become infected.  If you suspect that a computer virus has infected your PC you can take the machine into any local computer repair store and they will run scans to see if the computer is actually infected.  If it is they will remove the virus from the computer and update your virus protection and get Window updates running regularly. 

Computers Plus Service provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be on guard against latest computer virus

Have you heard of Crypto Locker? Does it sound like a bad '80s horror movie starring Anthony Michael Hall and Richard Grieco?

Fortunately, that film was not made, but Crypto Locker in reality is a computer virus and is one of the most ruthless to come around.

The virus appeared in 2013 and is in a family of threats called ransom-ware, defined as a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

In the case of the Crypto Virus, once infected you are asked for $300 to be paid to a secure site and if you do not before the deadline expires (an actual clock counts down on your computer) all your files are encrypted and you cannot access them.

To make things even worse, the virus spreads rapidly so you could expose your entire network to the threat. I have heard accounts of people paying the fee and they were actually sent the codes to unencrypt their PC.

Online source Zdnet shows that more than $27 million has been transferred to the creators of this threat worldwide. This was tracked by looking at Bitcoin addresses (if you are not familiar with Bitcoins, see my next column).

You might be wondering where this virus comes from. It usually arrives in an attachment sent via email. A best practice for all email correspondence is to only open emails from people you know, and even then it pays to look closely.

If the subject reads "See this picture from last night" and you were not with that person the night before, delete immediately. Also, the best business level anti-virus should be deployed and it will pick up most threats.

That said, the best anti-virus in the world cannot stop someone from clicking a link, or opening an email that might get through your digital security. I am sure you all have that one person in your office who just “happens” to get viruses all the time but “never” visits questionable sites, opens all emails, etc. We will call that person Dr. Click-a-Lot for today’s purposes.

One of the best ways to avoid a catastrophe in a virus situation is to have a backup of your data and to keep a spare computer available for your organization. This way, downtime is minimized and productivity stays up.

Also, if you are infected, unplug immediately and call your IT professional. The world of technology is full of threats, new ones each day, and most of them certainly are scarier than a Richard Grieco film.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Importance Of Quality Computer Repair

There is no question that computers have become an important part of our everyday lives in business and on a personal level.  When the network is down within a professional business environment work completely stops which means money is not being made.  This can be a huge problem.  From the router malfunctioning to the server failing all computer problems need to be addressed promptly by experienced IT professionals.  When it comes to your home computer or business network it is vital that computer help is only a phone call away.

Finding and retaining computer help has never been easier than it is now days.  Professional PC support is around every corner.  The problem exists in that not all computer help is created equally. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to computer services.  Do you prefer working with a large company that employs hundreds of technicians or a small company that has available two or three computer technicians?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both options.  A large big name computer repair service will most likely always have a technician available to help your with your computer issue no matter what time of day or what issue has arose.  The problem is that with hundreds of technicians available there is no guarantee on the level of service that you will receive being a dime a dozen client.  The other issue is that there is no way to guarantee that the technician that has previously worked on your network will be the one addressing the issue you are currently having.

With a smaller IT company you can almost always guarantee that the two or three technicians that work with your company are all familiar with your computers and the issues you are having.  With only a few people to communicate between you can rest assured that your company is a priority and making sure you are up and running a top speed is their most important priority.  The one drawback is that with only a few professionals available that you could call and all three could be tied up elsewhere, leaving you waiting on one of them to have a moment to open up to address your issue.  The great thing that happens when working with a small company is that when they do show up on sight they already know your system and history and can get it on the issue right away.  A larger company with lots of technicians will always need the history of the problem and what has already been done to try and correct the problem.

With any decision there will always be pros and cons.  When choosing between a large IT company or a smaller IT company to provide care for your business computers and networking needs here are some other things to consider: ease of access, accessibility, expertise, experience, credentials and your budget.  Check with several companies and check to see how they figure out their charges.  Check to see if there is an initial service fee, if drive time is charged and how they charge.  If you are working within a budget try to maximize your money by finding a company that doesn't charge service call fees or drive time.  This way you will only be paying for the time that they are onsite actually working on repairing your computers, servers and networks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apple users in security warning

Users of Apple's OS X operating system are being warned to take care when browsing online as they wait for a solution to a security flaw.

A software update was released last week to owners of iPhones, iPads and iPods to protect users from "an attacker" who may "capture or modify data".

It was later discovered that the problem also existed on Apple laptops and desktop computers running OS X.

A security fix has not yet been issued.

The problem was first spotted on Apple's mobile devices which run the iOS 7 operating system. It relates to the way secure connections are made between Apple's safari browser and websites, including banking sites, Google and Facebook.

These sites have digital security certificates that allow an encrypted connection to be established between a user's computer and the website. This means any data that is sent over the connection should be secure.

Dropped the ball
However, a vulnerability in the code for Apple's iOS and OS X operating systems meant the security certificates were not being checked properly. This meant hackers could impersonate a website and capture the data that was being sent over the connection before letting it continue its journey to the real website.

A security fix has already been issued for users of iPads, iPhones and iPods
Apple released a fix for mobile devices running iOS 7 last week but a spokesperson issued the following statement about OS X: "We are aware of this issue and already have a software fix that will be released very soon."

According to researchers the security flaw had existed for months but no-one had reported it publicly.

Graham Cluley, a security analyst, said it was a failing by the company that it had not been identified earlier.

"It's pretty bad what Apple have done, they've seriously dropped the ball. How much the problem has been exploited is hard to say. Hackers may now be trying to take advantage while users wait for the security fix."

He advised users to take care when using the web and consider using an alternative browser to Safari until the problem was fixed.

He also urged users of Apple's mobile devices to upgrade to the latest iOS version as soon as possible and for OS X users to keep their eyes open for a security update and to implement it as soon as it was available.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

PCs lumber towards the technological graveyard

Companies switch to tablets and laptops to cut costs and let workers feel benefits of mobile technology
The headquarters of iCore Networks has not seen a desktop computer in five years. Instead, each of the McLean, Virginia-based information-technology firm's 160 employees relies on a company-issued iPad. They may request a laptop if they need it, but iCore is free of the bulky personal computers common to many offices, opting for devices employees can take home with them.
"We're pretty mobile – throughout multiple departments such as sales teams, account management, engineers, [employees] are always on the go," said Lorena Roberts, marketing vice-president. "They begin at the office, maybe in the morning, but by the time 11 o'clock hits, they're really out in the field."
The company is part of an emerging trend among businesses eschewing PCs for laptops and tablets. The pattern is reflected in the global computer market: PC shipments suffered their worst decline in history in the final quarter of 2013, according to a Gartner report, the seventh consecutive quarter of shipment declines. The 82.6m units shipped globally last year represented an almost 7% decline from the previous year.
Losses in the PC sector were enough to force Sony to exit the market altogether. The company announced plans last week to sell Vaio, its PC brand, to Japan Industrial Partners, citing declining sales.
iCore buys about 15 laptops each quarter for new hires, Roberts estimated, enough for about 75% of the employees. All iPads are installed with iCore's proprietary software, which it sells to other businesses, allowing users to manage phone calls and video chat requests. The machines also come loaded with Microsoft's virtual desktop software, which allows employees to remotely access programs on their laptops. They can access email, use Microsoft Office and complete any other computer task, Roberts said.
For those tasks that are easier to complete with a larger screen or a mouse, – such as compiling Excel spreadsheets or working in Photoshop – employees often keep laptops as backup. Although maintenance, software licences and hardware costs make laptops significantly more expensive than tablets, iCore continues to invest in them to offer employees "that sense of security you have with your laptop that people are used to".
Some analysts say the steady decline in PCs partly reflects the relatively high price of tablets, making it an either-or proposition for some buyers. Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa recently wrote that as tablet and laptop prices decline, PC sales might improve, because more people can own both.
Tablet sales, meanwhile, are rising quickly. Almost 80m tablets were shipped globally in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to anInternational Data Corp report, representing a 62.4% growth over the previous quarter and a 28.2% growth since the corresponding period the year before.
Still, PCs remain a necessary part of office routine for many workers. Jeremy Collins, who runs the sales division at Consolidated Communications, a Sacramento, California-based internet and cable company, issued his 24 sales representatives iPad minis to accompany – not replace – their PCs.
Although they often use tablets when visiting the residential neighbourhoods where they sell cable connections, employees spend about 30% of each day answering and logging customer-service requests from their PCs, Collins said. Some customer-service requests are easier to address when employees have large, dual-screen monitors – and some have more data stored on their computers' hard drives than could fit on a tablet.
Collins said the team tried using Dell laptops to offer employees the functionality of a PC in a device they could use at their desks and in the field, but "laptops aren't realistic. You can't carry a laptop with you when you're walking around territory," he said. Employees complained they had to leave them in their cars.
So last year, Collins decided to get rid of the laptops and invest in tablets, while maintaining the PCs for office use. "It's more of a convenience factor," he said. "If you're already sitting down at your desk [in front of a PC], you're going to be a lot quicker navigating through everything you have to navigate."
This article appeared in Guardian Weekly, which incorporates material from the Washington Post

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When You Need Computer Repair Services Turn To The Experts

When it comes to choosing a computer repair company there are a ton of choices to choose form starting with big box chain computer stores to local computer repair shops.  How does a computer novice know where to turn when they have an issue and need computer help? To find the best help for your computer repairs we have established a few important tips to consider before dropping your computer off to be fixed.

It is important to note that where ever you take your computer to be fixed it must go through a diagnostic process to determine exactly what is going on inside the computer.  A sure sign that you are at the wrong computer repair shop is upon entering if the technician claims to know exactly what is wrong with your computer.  Lots of times symptoms all sound the same but lead to different computer repairs; it is your computers best interest to have a complete diagnostic ran before any diagnosis is even considered.  The first tip is to find a computer service store that starts with diagnostics.  Most repair shops will charge a half hour labor for this service that will be applied towards repairs if you decide to fix your computer. 

When looking into local computer service stores check to find out what type of computers they have experience in and services they offer.  They should offer a wide variety of services such as virus removal, memory upgrades, blue screen repairs, hard drive failures, motherboard replacement and more.  You don’t know what could be wrong with your computer but you want to make sure whatever it is they will be able to fix it. 

It is also significant to see what type of certifications the technicians have.  Computer repair techs should be qualified all aspects of computer services and should be certified in various operating systems.  Most technicians have at least a Microsoft certification. 

It is also important to find a computer repair shop that offers repair methods other than those done in house.  In some cases you may need the technician to visit your place of business, home or even via remote control.  The shop that you want to build a relationship with is one that offers all of these services.  There may be a time where you just can’t get the machine into the office and need to make sure the technician can still help alleviate your computers problem.  

Word of mouth is always the best way to find a place to do business.  If your friends and family like the service they received well enough to tell you all about it then you know that the place is reputable.  This is what you are looking for in the way of a referral to a local computer store that will help fix the issues you are having with your personal computer.  It may be hard at first and large box chains seem tempting as they have built a reputation on their name however note that their product reputation is far different from the reputation their services provide.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Don’t Be Left Out In The Dark When It Comes To Computer Repair

Bringing in the year 2014 has left me thinking about a lot of things.  Technology being one major topic that I think about a lot especially with two kids and the iPhone and iPod craze that exists.  Going one day without technology is a difficult task in our family.  I know this will make many people shake their heads in disbelief.  There are some people that would be fine to go back to an age where telephones were connected to the wall with a cord and an encyclopedia was still the main research source. 

I personally cannot imagine a day without access to my computer world.  I rely on the computer to communicate effectively in my personal life as well as my work life.  Communication is simplified with the use of a computer. Mundane tasks are made easier and life just runs smoother using a computer.  This is why when I went to turn my computer on and it hesitated, hissed and went black I was devastated.  I knew I needed to get the computer fixed as soon as possible.  This began the quest in to finding a technician to fix my computer without too much hassle. 

My first step to finding someone reliable to fix my computer was to call upon my tech savvy friends.  I wanted to see who they would trust to fix their laptop or towers.  All of them commented not to take it to a large chain for repair as the computer would not get the attention it needed.  I was told that many times it is a process that leaves you without a computer for weeks while they ship it about fixing it and yet it comes back to you and is never the same. 

The problem is that the person you speak with is not the person fixing your computer.  This was an issue.  If I was leaving my baby overnight I wanted to make sure she was in good hands and attended to. That left me in search of a local computer store to repair my computer.  It was important that I was able to speak with the technician working on machine to explain how I needed the computer to function in the end.  I feel it best to lay the expectation out first, if the expectation is not possible with this machine then they would be able to tell me it was not worth the cost to repair it and move on.  This was important as sinking money into a machine was not something I was going to be able to do a lot of. 

I found a local computer service company searching Google on my phone.  I was able to go into the office with my computer and speak the tech about the issues.  It was great because right off the bat the problem sounded familiar to him.  For a small diagnostic fee I left my machine to be repaired.  That same day, later in the evening, I received a call that the glitch could be fixed for about a half hour of labor costs which was covered by my diagnostic fee and I just needed to give the approval.  My pc was repaired and home with me the next day. 

When it comes to repairing and maintaining my computer in the future I know who to trust.  I would recommend that everyone take a few minutes to scope out a local computer service store, even before you have an issue with your machine. I know being without my computer is like being without my right arm. Establishing a relationship with local computer support can save you when it comes to time, money and sanity.