Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Ways Managed Services Will Help You Get More Business

Can your company grow with help from managed services? Yes, it can as long as you pick the right managed services provider. By investing in these services, you will have a more reliable, professional and outstanding team ready to bring you the value, efficiency and help that you always needed. Investing in high quality managed IT services is always a priority, and it can save your company quite a lot when it comes to the long term. You can also get more clients this way as well.

Creating better products

By working with the right managed services provider, you will have an IT infrastructure that works at its best! So, it will be easier for you to create better products, since the IT services and communication within your business will deliver peak performance. It’s always important to invest in managed services, so you should really consider hiring the right provider to grow your company!

Freeing up internal resources

Instead of having a dedicated department that works on this, you hire a managed services provider, and your team can focus on marketing or developing new products. From here to generating more business it will be a simple step.

Smaller costs

By having smaller costs, your business will find it easier to save money and invest them in the right services and product. For example, smaller costs can lead to more money for marketing. That’s obviously one of the best ways to get more business, so investing in marketing can be a very good idea.

Better communication and collaboration

Thanks to managed services, you get to have better collaboration and communication, not only with your clients but also within your business as well. Happy clients will always share a link to your business, and that will bring more clients as well!
As your business grows, you can rely on managed services to offer you the type of value, and IT support you may need. This is extremely helpful, and it can help your company evolve in the long run.Yes, with the right approach and the best managed services, you will have no problem taking your business to the next level. Instead of creating an IT department, it will be easier for you to invest in the right managed IT service company!

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Why you need a dedicated IT (Information Technology) for your business.

Information Technology (IT) has globally become a major driving force in many organizations. The role of I.T can’t be overemphasized in our day-to-day activities, in businesses and individual lives. Information technology has changed businesses, education and everyday life. Organizations are seeking to get IT applications which can help them sell their products or services effectively.

Computers and Internet Are Essential To All Businesses

The use of Internet has become globally accepted. With it, organizations or businesses are moving information faster and they also coordinate multiple activities to achieve efficiency. They also use the internet to sell their services or products. Hence you have emails, online marketing.

In the business world, I.T has helped in creating a networked economy where businesses are linked with their suppliers, customers, manufacturers and business partners in real time. Information Technology is an enabler for economic development.

Computers and information systems are essential parts of every business today. Like accounting and legal, every business needs to invest in technology to compete. Technology is both a cost of doing business and an opportunity to do more business.

Benefits of Information the Technology

  • Communication: Information technology accounts in the development of communication technology. Services like electronic mail make communication within and outside the organization easy and first. Nowadays email communication is a default communication technology used by every organization. Communication is a great tool in business develops, with advanced communication tools, employees and managers can easily make beneficial decisions in the organization
  • With information technology, businesses can reach more potential customers, develop a business relationship with potential customers
  • Streamline operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency, maximize profit, minimize waste, and devote talent to core business instead of overhead
  • Provide better service to customers
  • Allow customers to better guide the business
  • Reliability: Information technology systems can run 24hrs 7 days a week hence it is reliable. Let’s take a simple example of a Bank. This is a financial institution whose services are needed by the end-user on time. Banks use IT systems to deliver services like remote banking so customers can easily deposit money, withdraw money or print out bank statements without coming to a physical main branch of that bank. IT experts make sure that these remote ATM machines and other remote banking systems are running all the time, they can do maintenance in the late hours when users are not active so that they do not interrupt the service when needed by the user
  • Speed: Users of information technology can use tools like computers to perform different tasks faster and accurately. Computers have applications which can store data in a systematic way making it easy to understand and organize important facts.
  • Transaction processing: Information technology simplifies the transaction process of an organization. A transaction process system (TPS) processes transactions in a business.  At the heart of every organization are IT systems whose main role is to capture transaction information, create new information based on the transaction information.  TPS will update any transaction process and store that information in a database, so any concerned party in the organization can access that information via a centralized information storage network of the internet.
  • Data Management: With the help of database software, an organization stores all its relevant data on a database. This infrastructure can be designed when it is internal or external.  An internal centralized system can only be accessed within the organization while an external centralized system allows data to be accessed outside the organization using a remote (IP) internet protocol Address or a domain name. In this case, employees or managers can use a company website to access relevant company data by use of passwords. This data is not exposed to the public and search engines.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Understanding Medicare Supplemental Insurance Effectivley With 5 Things

Medicare supplemental insurance is another name many people know for Medigap insurance since it is intended to fill the void in individual’s primary coverage through Medicare. Qualification for a Medigap policy usually required that the applicant has Medicare before Parts A and B. Folks around the age of 65 are the type to carry this type of insurance. Medicare doesn’t cover everything entirely so this plan can be very lucrative to some people to have.
Before signing the dotted line for this plan, it is wise for you to note these 5 facts.
  1. 10 Standard Options

Not everyone is aware but there are 10 standard options for Medicare Supplement Insurance which are standard throughout the United States. Each plan has different qualities so it would be foolish to not choose the plan that suits your current needs. These plans are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N with plan A offering the least amount of benefits and plan F offers the most with a higher cost attatched.
The most beneficial thing about the Medigap Supplement Insurance market is that the availability of brokers are easy to find and can assist in helping you choose what plan is going to work best in your own situation. You can still apply for a Medicare Supplement with a new brokerage of a new insurance despite your current coverage.

Alert: Be thorough when researching before committing to any plan. This is because only a few companies provide all 10 plans. Many fall into this trap.
  1. Enrollment Windows

Some states like Missouri and California offer enrollment windows to Medigap beneficiaries every year but most other states have different regulations. Generally you can sign up for a supplemental policy when you are right before you turn 65. You can look over our Medicare Supplemental Insurance Open Enrollment page.
  1. Your Need

Step one is to figure out that you need this coverage. Once you know that your Medigap insurance doesn’t cover all your medical bills, you will find faster the things you need in spite of which private insurance company you decide to go with. Basically, the main qualification will be the service that they render and the premium that you will be charged for. Look over our Medigap guide page for more information.
  1. Medicare Policy

Coverage for your life partner/spouse is always separate on your Medicare policy. You two will have to buy individual policies if you both need insurance. Many find this step confusing because traditional insurance covers spouses too.
  1. Premiums
When calculating  and setting the premiums, Insurance companies use three different techniques. The lowest premiums are for those who use attained age as a basis. This is especially valid for the individuals who have just attained 65. Premiums normally increase every 3 – 5 years, and so does the inflation rates.

More so, issue age premiums depend on your age at the time of the purchase. The major increase for this type of plan is as a result of the Medicare's inflation adjustments. And of course, Medicare supplemental insurance rates that use the community-rated technique indicates that everyone in the same region will pay the same premium, paying no regard to age. Many states typically use only one method, so it will help to learn and find out how the insurance companies calculate their rates.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Is Arizona Medicare Supplemental Insurance Necessary?

If you missed our last article on the topic of  Medicare supplemental insurance in Michigan, we highlighted that how you are being affected by the Medigap Plan among other things is factored depends on one's location. Beneficiaries who wish to select more coverage to their Part A and Part B plans would want to get a Medicare Supplement Plan in Arizona.
Medicare supplemental insurance coverage in Arizona would be similar to what we saw in Michigan such as it would include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Other hospital coverage may as well be added, like hospice care.

Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Program

A Medicare supplement health plan in Arizona differs when compared to that of the Medicare Advantage program. First, It is seen in how it is purchased. Unlike that of the Advantage program, the Medicare supplemental insurance plan in Arizona is designed to be purchased as a independent program. It does have the option to be purchased in combination with original Medicare.
For beneficiaries in Arizona who would want to get the independent purchasing coverage, might need to consider changing from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare United Through The States

A medical supplemental insurance plan in Arizona is the same when compared to that of Michigan. Here, the insurance plan is lettered up to the tone of 10 standardized letters. These ten standardized letters are available across the country, and each letter offers the same benefit with little regard to the insurance company providing it. Among other letters, the most common letter that is available nationwide is Medigap Plan F. This is the most common available medical insurance plan in Arizona.

The cost may vary depending on the particular company providing each of these benefits. While coverage may not include additional care such as prescription, hearing, vision, and or dental care, it, however, covers insurance while on a trip abroad.

Also similar to what is tenable in Michigan, Medicare supplemental insurance beneficiaries have the choice to enroll in Medicare supplement plan in Arizona during their six-month Medical supplemental insurance open enrollment period, which often begins on the first day of the month that one clocks their 65th year birthday.

During the Medigap enrollment period in Arizona, companies are prohibited from refusing beneficiaries the coverage that is owed to them, neither are they able to charge outrageous premiums to beneficiaries through their pre-existing medical conditions. And after the six-month enrollment period, beneficiaries would have to enroll in a Medigap Plan. However, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions would cease to be a working condition.

How to Choose Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan in Arizona

As previously stated, Arizona Medigap plan coverage are found to be similar to the different lettered plans in Michigan but the cost of the program can vary depending on the insurance company that is involved. Also, beneficiaries should choose a plan that has their needs regarding of coverage options. After that, beneficiaries can shop for different plans that are still within their single plan type, all based on the cost of the program.

eMedicare Supplemental Insurance is based in United States and has many knowledgeable, licensed agents ready to help you choose a supplemental health plan. We can also help you with any questions you have regarding Medicare and supplemental health care. Feel free to call us at 1-877-202-9248 or visit our website at

How Frequently Should I Make Changes On a Website?

Everyone who owns a website is always questioning how often their site should be updated but website updates are not created equal. When it comes to types of updates you have content updates, application updates and site revises, and then the mother of all updates the site re-launch. I will say it and say it again the importance of refreshing your website design with new content and upgrades and, yes, every so often you should redesign and re-launch your business website.
The amount of updating depends on various considerations.

How frequent to add new content to your website or blog

The updating requirements are very different from each to each website since the purpose of a website is so diverse. You can’t expect a corporate blog to be updated as often as a regular blog or a regular blog as often as a news or sports blog. We have separated websites into 4 categories when discussing website updating and blog management.

Outdated web design

If the design of your web site is stuck in the past from a decade or more ago, then you should consider a refresh. We live in a world with web technologies changing as fast as smart phones and TV’s. There are new ways to speed up your website and even rank better with Search Engine Optimization. The best route for a website is using a custom coded website you can implement all your ideas and new tech to reach your target audience.

Category 1 - Sports / Fashion / Celebrity / Tech / Lifestyle / Financial / Newspaper / Magazines
For Websites or blogs that work with popular topics in relation to sports, fashions and this category, updating with new information several times per day is crucial for their success. There is no limit to the number of updates and generally the more the better. This is because most of their visits are coming from repeating visitors, Google news and social media. Postings are usually short and to the point and contain a lot of images.

Category 2- Normal Websites / Blogs
In this category you expect to find personal web development blogs, how-to style blogs, informational blogs, wiki, marketing, weight loss, studies, analytics, travel tips, reviews and many more. In this, 3 updates per week are a qualified amount; there is no need to update daily unless of course you have the time and energy to fulfill the task.

Category 3 - Corporate Website / Blog
A website that displays a company and the products/services it is offering are called business websites. They are among the most difficult types of websites to update frequently because once the initial setup has been made and information about the company is published, you don’t really need to publish anything again, unless new products get released. Then in this situation, you would want to blog about it.

Category 4 - eCommerce Store
Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your online store and it is more simple than it sounds. You can publish Articles / Videos on how to use a product online, or detailed product reviews, announcement about new products, changes to existing products, special offers and any upcoming events.

The easiest thing to remember about this type of blog is that the best time to do updates is everytime you have new high quality content to publish.

the reason you should update your website frequently

It drives your SEO
Search engines enjoys content and especially new content. They want you to have long quality posts in their index to satisfy their users. A website that is updated regularly is crawled more often, has more pages in the index and more chances to boost SEO.

It amplifies social media
If you are using social media marketing to promote your blog, often times the problem that destroys your effort is lack of content. Updating a website on a regular basis will give you fuel for your social media promotions.

It’s good for your users
Websites are meant to serve users and giving users fresh content makes them happier. A happy user will most likely come back, convert, register, buy or recommend your website to other people.

Updating your website for users shows your business is still active.

We offer Web Design services in Brighton, Michigan and around Livingston County. We are Creative Programs and Systems! We have been designing custom websites before templates or wordpress were a thing! Make your company stand out with a custom web site. Call us today for a free quote at 810-224-5252 or visit our website at

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Why Do I Need a Custom Website?

The internet has changed so much in the last few years, especially with mobile phones and tablets. In fact I only know one person with a flip phone! Everyone else is rocking a smart phone of some type. Having all these different screen sizes changes the way we build websites. This is why you need a custom website!
Responsive Web Design
If you want your web site to look good on mobile and tablets, you are going to want something called responsive design or commonly known as mobile friendly. This allows the site to “flex” to different screen sizes. This usually speeds up the development process of building websites, as we don’t have to build 2-3 different versions of the same website. If you ever seen a site and down in the footer (bottom of the page) it says “View full site” this is not a responsive site. I don’t think anything is wrong with that it usually just takes more time to build. Another good thing about this design process is Google loves mobile friendly websites. If you want to check to see if your site is mobile friendly you can use this neat little tool from Google.
Search Engine Optimization
 Custom coded websites allow you to edit meta data for better SEO. If you are not sure what SEO is here’s a description taken from wikipedia. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.* A custom website also includes everything you need and nothing you don’t. Unnecessary code slows down your site. A lot of template or wordpress sites include a ton of options that you will never use, in return slows down the site. I know some people don’t think about page speed affecting anything, but Google does.
User experience
A custom designed website gives you full creative control, allowing you to create a great user experience and usability. Customers are less concerned about a pretty design, and more about how it functions. We at Creative Programs and Systems focus on both user experience and user interface. Whether a customer is looking for products to buy, information to read, or just browsing a photo gallery, you need your site to browse easy. If your customer has to hunt around for information, chances are they will push the back button and go to a competitor’s site.
Custom web sites are fitted to your brand
No one else will have your design! This is important for brand identity and setting you apart from the competition. You don’t want your site to look like everyone else, like a template will. That’s why we custom code every site, in house!
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Friday, August 25, 2017

SEO What, SEO Who??

Search engine optimization or SEO for short helps you get noticed on the search engine results page. This allows potential customers to reach you. When they type in a word, the search engine pulls up relevant information. This would be called your “Organic” traffic, as you are not paying for the traffic like Pay-Per Click (Google Adwords). SEO is going to be your new best friend for reaching customers interested in your website.

Who needs SEO?

SEO is one of those things that every website can benefit from. It’s safe to assume that most website owners are utilizing SEO practices, and not even realizing it. Chances are if you have good quality content and it’s relevant to your site you are almost optimized. Of course there are a few little tricks you can do, but that is beyond this article.

Are all search engines the same?

In 2017 Google and Bing are the biggest names in search engines. However, other engines are not far behind. Other than Google my new favorite engine is DuckDuckGo! Their motto is “The search engine that doesn’t track you”. Other than not tracking data I love the bang! Feature. The bang feature is a search engine inside a search engine. What I mean by this is you can search inside of Amazon, eBay, and even social media right from duckduckgo’s main site. Here’s how it works: say you want to search Amazon for computers you type !amazon computers in the search box. It will then go to amazon and display computers as a result. Give it a try!

Do search engines display the same results?

This is like does a Ford run like a Chevy? They both get you from point A to B, but in reality they are different. This goes for search engines. They display search results but every engine does it in a different way. From how it looks, to the results it pulls. That is why when people do research they might use a few different search engines.

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